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Exploring the Invisible: TEM expertise for powerful sample analysis

Virus Products & Gene Therapy

Unlocking Precision for Viral Products

Our cutting-edge electron microscopy technology offers unparalleled insights into the intricate structures and critical attributes of viral vectors and other viral products.
With our EM-services you can:

ūüĒć Gain unprecedented clarity: Visualize viral particles in detail, ensuring precise characterization to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

ūüõ°ÔłŹ Ensure safety: Detect and analyze key quality attributes to guarantee the safety and efficacy of your gene therapy products.

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AAV Analysis

Adeno-Associated viruses (AAV) are one of the go-to vectors for the delivery of therapeutic genes in gene therapy. As gene therapy holds the key for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, its success stands and falls with the safety and efficacy of the utilised vectors.

We offer a comprehensive investigation of your AAV particles, focusing on key attributes essential for the optimal performance of your gene therapy vectors:

  • Particle Morphology
  • Particle Integrity
  • Aggregation levels and distribution
  • Process impurities
  • Full/Empty Ratio Determination

We are currently validating our AAV analysis using negative staining TEM and Cryo-TEM for full GMP release of your AAV vectors.

Results and the corresponding Final Reports (CoA) are issued within 15 working days.

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